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The Kosher Nostra has got what it wants - a dumb President of the USA, who is good at conning dumb White people.

White working class Americans are dying off due to poor health, suicides and opioids.

Trump does have certain skills and did manage to con many of the White working class Americans into voting for him.

The writer Dale Beran says that 'Trump supporters voted for the con-man.'

Trump has certain skills but he is mainly dumb.

According to Michael Wolff, and others:

Reince Priebus, Trump's former White House chief of staff, has called Donald Trump an idiot.

Steven Mnuchin, the Treasury secretary, has called Donald Trump an idiot.

Gary Cohn, Trump's chief economic adviser, has said Donald Trump  is 'dumb as shit'.

Rex Tillerson, the secretary of state, thinks the president is a 'f***ing moron'. 

Rupert Murdoch has called Trump a 'f***ing idiot' Edward Luce

Trump is supported by the Kosher Nostra, which includes Wikileaks.

"Over one third of Republican senators called on Trump to quit the race after the Access Hollywood tapes were released in October 2016.

"Thirty-two minutes after the 'pussy-grabbing' transcript came out, WikiLeaks dumped its largest cache of Hillary Clinton emails to date, including those of John Podesta, her campaign manager." Edward Luce

Levitsky and Ziblatt's How Democracies Die reports that America is not immune to the trends that have led to democracy's collapse in other parts of the world.

Since the year 2000, 25 countries have ceased to be democratic.

Think of Recep Tayyip Erdogan's Turkey.

Think of Trump encouraging supporters to beat up protesters. Edward Luce

Do they all work for the Kosher Nostra?

Did the Kosher Nostra script dictate that TRUMP would get elected and then toppled?

Get ready for President Paul Ryan?

Paul Ryan admires a certain atheist Jewess, Alisa Rosenbaum, also known as Ayn Rand


"This is how Hegelian dialectics works: Trump was chosen to split the Americans and the world."

Pres. Trump´s Bosom Friend Proven to be Rothschild Agent.

Lynn de Rothschild calls for a Trump impeachment.

Ayn Rand's Christmas Card

It can be argued that Donald Trump is part of the Kosher Nostra - the international cabal of the rich elite.

Trump and his gang are followers of Ayn Rand, aka Alisa Rosenbaum, a Jewish fascist.

Ayn Rand supporter Donald Trump fills his cabinet with fans of Ayn Rand.

The Satanist Anton LaVey has acknowledged that his brand of Satanism was "just Ayn Rand’s philosophy with ceremony and ritual added."

The Fountainhead of Satanism

Ayn Rand's first love and mentor was a sadistic serial killer who dismembered little girls.

Ayn Rand's First Love and Mentor.

Trump says that he relates to Ayn Rand's character Howard Roark.

Roark says that selfishness is a virtue.

Roark commits a violent sexual assault.

Ayn Rand supporter Donald Trump fills his cabinet with fans of Ayn Rand.

Donald Trump with Ghislaine Maxwell, daughter of the 'Mossad agent' Robert Maxwell. Ghislaine reportedly supplied young girls to Trump's close friend Jeffrey Epstein. Trump has had business partners, Engin Yesil and Raoul Goldberger, who have been involved in the trade in Cocaine.

Trump is the frontman for the Kosher Nostra.

Trump's 17 cabinet-level picks have more money than a third of American households combined

What links might Trump have to the international Kosher Nostra?

Files from Czechoslovakia's spy service (dailymail / Guardian / Bild / Czech television ) reveal the following about Donald Trump:

1. In 1977, Trump married Ivana Zelníčková, a Czech model.

2. Ivana regularly returned to Czechoslovakia to visit her father, Milos Zelnícek.

3. Trump had a personal relationship with the American president, believed to be Jimmy Carter.

President Ford handed over to Jimmy Carter in January 1977.

Files from Czechoslovakia's spy service (dailymail / Guardian / Bild / Czech television ) reveal the following about Donald Trump:

4. In 1988, an informant, using the code name Milos, reported that Trump was being put under considerable pressure to run for the US presidency.

Trump was convinced he could win the presidency.

Roy Cohn's birthday party 1980 - Donald and Ivana.

Files from Czechoslovakia's spy service (dailymail / Guardian / Bild / Czech television ) reveal the following about Donald Trump:

5. Trump was given a 30-year tax exemption by the US President in 1977.

6. Trump's businesses were 'absolutely safe' because they received commissions from the state.

7. In 1989 Trump was visited by a delegation from a communist agricultural production cooperative from Slusovice, the village where Ivana Trump's father lived.

8. Ivana's father was registered as a 'confidant' of the Czech spy service.

What do we know about Jimmy Carter?

In 1973, the 'Cabal' invited Jimmy Carter to join the Trilateral Commission. 

Carter worked closely with Brzezinski and Rockefeller. 

It can be argued that US presidents tend to be puppets of some international cabal.

The Plaza Hotel.

The Kosher Nostra is reportedly linked to child abuse rings.

The Plaza Hotel is the site of room 233, 'where Roy Cohn held child abuse orgies in order to blackmail elites.'


Trump bought the Plaza Hotel in 1988. 

What links Trump to Mossad?

Source: Timothy Fitzpatrick, who has written:

Trump controlled by Mossad 
Trump controlled by the Mossad – Part III

According to a Jan. 29, 2016 article on Vice News,

"Epstein and Maxwell were repeat guests at Mar-A-Lago.

"In 2000, they hung out there with Prince Andrew, who arrived for vacation on Trump's private plane.

"That same year, the Palm Beach Post reported that Trump, Epstein, Prince Andrew, and (the Mossad linked) Ghislaine Maxwell were all at a tennis tournament/celebrity event at Mar-A-Lago."

Khashoggi, who is linked to Mossad, at Donald Trump's wedding to Marla Maples at the Plaza Hotel in 1993.The Trump-Maples wedding was ministered by 33rd degree freemason Norman Vincent Peale. Nate Rothschild has reportedly had flings with both Ivanka Trump and Adnan Khashoggi’s step-daughter Petrina. 

Trump is linked to all the bad guys?

Trump's crony Rudolph Giuliani is believed to have contributed to the 9/11 coverup by promptly destroying and removing the crime scene at the World Trade Centre.

Donald Trump and Roy Cohn.

Roy Cohn was reportedly "a Meyer Lansky organized crime syndicate operative who served on the Permindex board [xx], which is believed to have been Mossad's key operating front in the conspiracy to assassinate John F. Kennedy."

Cohn is believed to have used child prostitutes to blackmail politicians.

Cohn is believed to have been involved in the Franklin scandal - a child-sex ring that reached the Reagan White House. [xxiii]

Cohn aided Roger Stone in Ronald Reagan’s 1970-80 presidential campaign.

Meyer Lansky.

In 1987, "Trump took over Lansky's Mossad/CIA money-laundering front, the Mary Carter Paint Company, then renamed Resorts International, from CIA frontman James Crosby." [xxxiii]

Plaza Hotel, site of room 233, where Roy Cohn reportedly held child abuse parties in order to blackmail elites.

Biographer Burton Hersh writes about Roy Cohn:

"When New York attorney John Klotz began to investigate Roy Cohn on behalf of a client…declassified New York government files and spadework by a private detective substantiated the allegation that there was indeed a 'blue suite' at the Plaza, Suite 233.

"'Roy Cohn was providing protection,' Klotz discovered. 'There were a bunch of pedophiles involved. That’s where Cohn got his power from - blackmail.'"[i]

"Cohn was involved in the child sex ring run out of Manhattan's Plaza hotel."

Trump bought the Plaza Hotel in 1988. 

Katie Johnson claims to have been lured, at the age of 13, to one of Epstein's underage sex parties in New York, where she was violently raped by Trump [ii]

"Detective James Rothstein had an opportunity to have a sit-down with ... Roy Cohn.

"During this sit-down, Cohn admitted to Rothstein that he was part of a rather elaborate sexual blackmail operation that compromised politicians with child prostitutes." [iii]

Peter Fraser was one of Roy Cohn's lovers.

Fraser says that Donald trump was certainly Roy Cohn's apprentice. [iv]

"Could the Watergate burglars have been after a pedophile book that contained the names of Cohn’s sexually compromised Republican Party and New York elites, which may have included Donald Trump’s name?"

"Detective Rothstein spoke to Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis.

"Sturgis revealed one of the reasons for breaking into the Watergate.

"According to Sturgis, there was a 'Pedophile Book' hidden away at the Democratic National Committee headquarters

"The book was supposed to have a list of pedophiles on the American political scene." [v]

"Fugitive ex-CIA officer Frank Terpil has claimed that sexual blackmailing operations directed by the CIA were intensive in Washington during the Watergate era (DeCamp 179).

"Terpil asserts that his former partner, Ed Wilson, was coordinating one of these sexual blackmail operations (179).

"According to John DeCamp, Wilson's ring was a continuation of Cohn's." [vi]

Friend of Mossad James Jesus Angleton and David Ben-Gurion

The FBI Director J edgar Hoover is alleged to have been witnessed dressed up drag with two young boys at the Plaza Hotel.

Could it have been at Roy Cohn's Room 233?


Wednesday, 17 January 2018


Ivanka and Eric Trump with Michael Jackson, a safe pair of hands. Wade Robson says Michael Jackson's companies MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures were fronts for the "most sophisticated public child sexual abuse procurement and facilitation organisation the world has known". Michael Jackson allegedly ran child sex abuse operation.

Donald Trump has got Congress to pass a tax bill that greatly reduces the taxes paid by the super rich.

Thanks to Trump, the National Debt in the USA is up by a trillion dollars.

Thanks to Trump, the Alaskan Arctic and many other parts of the USA have been opened up to oil drilling.

There is no trade war with China and no end to NAFTA.

Las Vegas.

False flags continue.

There is no end to the turmoil in Yemen, Syria, Afghanistan and other troublespots.

Porn star Stormy Daniels told Slate's Jacob Weisberg that she had a sexual relationship with a married Donald Trump throughout 2006 and 2007.

The Kosher Nostra's script dictated that Trump, a friend of Roy Cohn, was to become President, and then make a fool of the USA.


"A Huffington Post article reported on an unconfirmed rumour that Trump allegedly 'paid off' a gay lover to prevent their affair from breaking out into a public scandal."

Donald Trump

Holly Madison (left) became Hugh Hefner's 'girlfriend' in 2001, when she was 21. (Down The Rabbit Hole by Holly Madison). Playmates 'worked for escort agencies'.

Donald Trump and the 'mainly gay' Hugh Hefner were close buddies.

Trump and Hugh Hefner Bonded for Decades ... .

Speaking to The New York PostStefan Tetenbaum remembers his time as Hefner's personal valet from 1978 through 1979.

Tetenbaum says that Hefner 'most of the time, never had sex with women.'

Tetenbaum says that Hefner was very much in favour of gay rights.

Secret Playboy mansion tunnels led to the Hollywood homes of celebrities.

In 2009, Sheri Denise Allred, in the Los Angeles Superior Court, referred to what has been called 'Hugh Hefner's CIA/MK ULTRA child abuse ring' .[15]

sheri denise allred

Sheri Denise Allred said that she had been ritually sexually abused by Hefner's group ever since the age of 5. 

The CIA's MK ULTRA mind control programme involves torturing very young children, in order to create multiple personalities, which can be used as sex slaves and 'patsies'.

Hefner's ring may have included John Gotti's Mob, and billionaire J. Paul Getty.[17]

sheri denise allred .

Hugh Hefner and Donald Trump.

Hefner girls, including Carrie Leigh, were disturbed by Hefner's liking for sex with men. 

Leigh says she came across Hefner's liaisons with men more than once.

Hefner admitted to having sex with men, and claimed to be bisexual, like Carrie Leigh.

Donald Trump 'partied at the Playboy Mansion'

Donald Trump 'partied at the Playboy Mansion with playmate Holly ...

Michael Jackson's home in Trump Tower. Michael Jackson "rented a four-bedroom condo on Trump Tower's 63rd floor just a few floors down from Trump's $100m Manhattan penthouse." dailymail. Trump told CNN: 'Michael Jackson lives in various of my buildings. He sort of follows me around."

The Kosher Nostra's script dictated that the Jewish Donald Trump, a friend of Roy Cohn, was to become President, and then make a fool of the ordinary Americans.


Trump's penthouse in New York

Donald Trump's gilded penthouse was designed by a gay man called Angelo Donghia.

Donghia enjoyed a close personal relationship with Donald Trump, a relationship that lasted until Donghia's 1985 death from AIDS.

Trump's "Fifth Avenue White House" was designed by a gay man

Trump posing with Andrew Horner in a restroom. Trump Puts Forward A Defender Who Pimped Out Young Boys. - Many People Are Saying Donald Trump Gives Money to ... - New York Magazine, 9 Aug 2016. There have been wild rumours about Donald - Daily Kos.

Above, we see Donald Trump in a toilet.

What links Donald Trump to Cardinal Spellman?

Roy Cohn and Donald Trump. 

Donald Trump's mentor, Roy Cohn, lusted after blond boys.

Roy Cohn's cousin David L. Marcus "has said that he was astonished by the atmosphere of creepy intimacy that seemed to perfume Cohn's attitude toward his acolyte Donald Trump."

According to Marcus: "There was a party in the mid-1980s, where Mailer was, and Andy Warhol, when in walked Trump.

"Roy dropped everyone else and fussed over him . . . Roy was attracted to Trump, more than in a big-brotherly way."

Donald Trump and Roy Cohn's Ruthless Symbiosis

Donald Trump's mentor and 'father figure' was Roy Cohn, who was totally gay, and who was said to run child abuse rings for the CIA.

According to a lawyer, Cohn went in for possessive mentoring of his boys - "introducing them to everyone in town and taking them places."

Several people who knew Cohn "would remark on Donald Trump's resemblance to the most infamous of Roy Cohn's blond, rich-boy obsessions: David Schine."

Donald Trump and Roy Cohn's Ruthless Symbiosis

Right-wing Conservatives David Schine, Joseph McCarthy, Roy Cohn.

David Schine worked for Roy Cohn.

The gay J Edgar Hoover arranged for the gay Roy Cohn to work for the 'gay' Conservative politician Joseph McCarthy.

Opponents of McCarthy accumulated evidence concerning McCarthy's homosexual activities.

In the Las Vegas Sun, Hank Greenspun wrote that: "It is common talk among homosexuals in Milwaukee who rendezvous in the White Horse Inn that Senator Joe McCarthy has often engaged in homosexual activities."

In an attempt to stop the rumours circulating, McCarthy married his secretary, Jeannie Kerr. Later the couple adopted a five-week old girl from the New York Foundling Home.

Joseph McCarthy - Spartacus Educational

Jeffrey Epstein and Donald Trump at Mar a Lago.

Susan Rosenstiel recalls attending a private party at New York City's Plaza Hotel in the company of Roy Cohn, J Edgar Hoover and others. 

Cohn introduced Rosenstiel to J Edgar Hoover, who was dressed in a fluffy black dress, lace stockings and high heels.

Hoover stripped down to a tiny garter belt and proceeded to have sex with two young boys. 

J. Edgar Hoover Biopic Punts On Gay Question - Friends of Ours

The "two young boys" were provided by Ed "the Skull" Murphy who was "a long-time Genovese associate involved in the crime family's gay bar and boy prostitution rackets in New York City." 

Trump and Liberace. Alexander Chancellor writes: "Liberace and Donald Trump have a lot in common... Donald's triplex home in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue ... its décor and furnishings are strikingly similar to those of Liberace's former house in Las Vegas.

Murphy's boy prostitutes were reportedly supplied to top people such as:

Malcolm Forbes, 
Cardinal Spellman, 
U.S. Senators, 
A vice president of the United States, 
One of the most famous rock musicians, 
And J. Edgar Hoover. 

J. Edgar Hoover 

Some of Murphy's boys were apparently murdered.

Cohn had ties to the most powerful bosses in the Mafia. 

The Kosher Nostra's script dictated that Trump was to become President, and then follow the Protocols of the Elders of Zion?

It looks increasingly as if there might really be a Kosher Nostra plan to control the world? 

(The Zionist Plan and US Military Intelligence.)

Here is the plan by the "Learned Elders of Zion," laid down in the "Protocols."


We shall:

1. Seduce and demoralize youth with false doctrines.

2. Destroy the family life.

3. Dominate humanity by preying upon their lower instincts and vices.

aangirfan: Marc Dutroux

4. Debase and vulgarize Art, and introduce filth in Literature.

5. Destroy respect for religions.

6. Introduce the habit for luxuries, crazy fashions and spendthrift ideas so that the ality for enjoying clean and plain pleasures is lost.

7. Divert the attention of the people by public amusements, sports, games, prize contests, etc., so that there is no time for thinking.

8. Confuse and bewilder the minds of the people by false theories and shatter the nerves and health by continuously introducing new poisons.

9. Instigate hatred and class war among the different classes of people.

10. Dispossess the 'old Aristocracy', and replace it.


11. Poison the relations between the employees and employers through strikes and lockouts so as to ruin the possibility of productive co-operation.

Red Robbo prior to the collapse of the UK car industry.

12. Demoralize by all means the higher classes of society and by adverse publicity raise the hate of the people toward them.

13. Use industry to ruin agriculture and then in its turn destroy industry by wild speculation.

14. Spread all possible utopian theories so as to bring the people into a labyrinth of impractical ideas.

Blavatsky and Olcott.

15. Raise the rate of wages, which however will not bring any advantage to the workers for at the same time we shall produce a rise in the price of the first necessities of life.

16. Cause diplomatic friction and misunderstanding between States which will increase international suspicions and hate thereby greatly augmenting armaments.

India versus Pakistan. aangirfan: Sri Lanka, Mossad, the CIA, drugs and arms dealers. / aangirfan: OBAMA, THE CONGO, MINERAL WEALTH, WAR

17. Gradually amend all constitutions so as to prepare the soil for absolute despotism.

18. Establish huge monopolies upon which even the great fortunes of the Gentiles will depend to such an extent that they will be swallowed up at the "hour" when the industrial crisis will start.

19. Destroy all financial stability; increase economic depressions to the extent of bringing a general world bankruptcy; stop the wheels of industry; make bonds, stocks and paper money worthless; accumulate all the gold of the world in the hands of a certain few people thus withdrawing tremendous capital from circulation; at a given hour close all the exchanges, withdraw all credits and cause general panic.

20. Prepare the death struggle of the nations; wear out humanity through suffering, fear and shortage of food - hunger creates slaves!