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This is Alexandre Bissonnette's Facebook AFTER it was interfered with.

We saw the Facebook page of Alexandre Bissonnette before it was interfered with.

The 'horror' images above were added AFTER the page was interfered with.

The original Facebook pages showed innocent stuff.

Who has the power to alter the pages of someone's Facebook?

CIA, Mossad or Canadian intelligence services?

Mathieu, Alexandre and their father Raymond Bissonnette.

The above photo is from the original Facebook page of Alexandre Bissonnette.

Reportedly, Alexandre Bissonnette was being treated for anxiety and had developed alcohol problems.

The accused had alcohol problems and was treated for anxiety

The Sleep Room's Missing Memories. Quebec's hospital for stressed people.

Alexandre's parents, Raymond Bissonnette and Manon Marchand, have been watching over Mathieu, Alexandre's twin brother, who was hospitalized the day after the shooting.

"Mathieu is still under the care of doctors."

Les parents d'Alexandre Bissonnette voudraient exprimer leurs regrets.


Quebec means mind control.


In Quebec, Dr. Ewen Cameron carried out unending torture of children - disguised as medical experimentation.


CIA mind control?

The Fort Lauderdale airport suspect admits he was 'mind controlled' .

Trudeau, prime minister of Canada.

Canadian news source Le Soleil reported that 'at least one gunman' took part in the attack at the Quebec Islamic Centre.

A witness told the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation that they saw two masked gunmen open fire on worshippers. 

The Sun quoted a 22 year old student named Abdi who said he was convinced he had seen two attackers. 

Reuters referred to another witness statement which said that three attackers had taken part in the attack.

Pierre and Justin Trudeau.

The number of weapons reported as having been captured suggests that there was likely more than one attacker. 

The Daily Mail mentioned that weapons captured included an AK-47 assault rifle and two other rifles. 

The Telegraph listed various rifles and a handgun as having been confiscated.

A Jew in Morocco.

Fox News reported that one of the suspects arrested, Mohamed el-Khadi, was Moroccan. 

Justin Trudeau's office personally intervened and pressured Fox News to retract their statement about the arrested man being Moroccan.

Jews in Morocco.

Quebec has a large number of Jewish Moroccans.

The CIA and Mossad are said to recruit Moroccans.


In Morocco, Elliot Rodger's stepmother Soumaya Akaaboune is seen above (right) next to Soumaya's father Abdeslam Akaaboune. ELLIOT RODGER - INNOCENT PATSY.

Justin Trudeau, the current Prime Minister of Canada, is the eldest son of former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau.

Trudeau appointed the first Jewish Cabinet minister (Herbert Gray), the first Jewish Supreme Court Judge (Bora Laskin), the first Jewish Secretary to the Prime Minister (Jack Austin), the first Jewish Envoy to the Hague Court of Justice (Maxwell Cohen), and the first Jewish Under Secretary of External Affairs from 1977 to 1981 - Alan Gotlieb - who then became Canada's first Jewish Ambassador to Washington.

A group of Jews soon joined Trudeau's personal staff, including H. Carl Goldenberg, Simon Reisman, Bernard and Sylvia Ostrey, Jerry Grafstein, and Mickey Cohen.

The Jewish Takeover Of Canada

In 1971,  Pierre Trudeau married Margaret Sinclair who was diagnosed as having bipolar depression.[87].

According to the article at Henry Makow, entitled: Is Justin Trudeau a Product of Mind Control?:

"Pierre's 1968 marriage to Margaret was 'arranged' by the military. 

"The couple were programmed with LSD at a remote farm in British Columbia.

Mick Jagger and Jimmy Savile are both linked to the spooks and to boys. Mick Jagger, like Pierre Trudeau, was educated at the London School of Economics.

"After Margaret ran off with the Rolling Stones in 1977, the marriage was over.

"Soon after, as a single father, Pierre turned to a York University sociologist, John Seeley, for parental advice.

"John Seeley, a self-proclaimed 'sadist and pedophile' would fly up to Ottawa on weekends to 'advise' Pierre on how he should be raising his three sons. Justin was six." (See also this article.)

Jewish Moroccans.

Initial reports said that 3 masked gunmen attacked the Quebec Islamic Centre.

Three Shooters Attack Québec Mosque

Ahmed Ech-Chahedy, a Moroccan, now says that there was only one attacker, and, that the attacker's face was not covered.

Quebec terror attack

Ahmed Ech-Chahedy and his friends visit the Quebec Islamic Centre in connection with taekwando.

In Quebec, police Commander Sylvain Bissonnette and Public Safety Director Jordy Reichson

'The Jews of Quebec City' is a documentary film produced by Valérie Bissonnette.

Un film sur les Juifs de la ville de Québec

After 1956, many Jews left Morocco and moved to Quebec, which now has a very large Moroccan-Jewish community.

In June 2015, André Azoulay, the Jew who runs Morocco for King Mohammed VI, visited Quebec.

Communauté juive marocaine du Québec

The three key witnesses in the Quebec Mosque attack are reportedly Moroccan.

There is a Chabad house at the Laval university, attended by Alexandre Bissonnette.

Michel Kingma-Lord

After the security services have carried out a false flag terror attack, they like to get their agents, disguised as ordinary members of the public, to give interviews with the media.

Michel Kingma-Lord is not such an agent and appears to be telling the truth about Alexandre Bissonnette.

Michel Kingma-Lord is an international business consultant in Quebec City.

Michel grew up with Alexandre Bissonnette in the Quebec City neighbourhood of Cap Rouge.

Michel says: "We were good friends. He was a really good guy, and his parents were great."

About a year ago, Michel met Alexandre in the halls of Université Laval.

Michel says: "There was no sign of anything wrong; he seemed comfortable in his skin."

Michel says he was Facebook friends with Alexandre but never saw him post anything about his political ideology or agenda. 

What happened to Alexandre Bissonnette? - Montreal Gazette

Tania Head with Bloomberg and Giuliani

Fake witnesses?

Tania Head was the founder and boss of the World Trade Center Survivors' Network.

Tania says that, on 9 11, she was on the 78th-floor in the south tower when a plane struck.

She says she was lying on the floor when a man with a red bandanna put out the flames on her back.


In reality, Tania Head was in Barcelona on 9 11.

Tania Head's real name is Alicia Esteve Head.

She is the daughter of a Spanish businessman who went to prison for embezzlement

In 2007, as the New York Times was about to expose her, she confessed to her lies.

False Flag operations?

The Sandy Hook school 'shooting' occurred on 14 December 2012, in Newtown, Connecticut.

This was reportedly part of the CIA's Strategy of Tension - designed to get people scared, so they will continue to support the rich right-wing elite.

The Strategy of Tension aims to get you frightened of going to the mosque, going to church, going to school, going to the airport...

Toulouse school shooting 2012.

You are supposed to be scared of such things as railway stations (Bologna massacre 1980).

Supermarkets (Brabant Massacres in Belgium 1980s).

Tall buildings (9 11 2001).

Public transport (London Bombings 2005).

Underwear and flying (Underwear Bomber 2009). 

Elliot Rodger (2014 Isla Vista killings) and his father Peter Rodger at the premiere of The Hunger GamesElliot Rodger is the son of The Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger. Suzanne Collins, who wrote The Hunger Games, resides in Sandy Hook, Connecticut. Elliot Rodger's father Peter Rodger is a friend of Hugh Jackman, the star of Bryan Singer's X-Men.

You are supposed to be scared of such things as:

Cinemas (2012 Aurora shooting).

Marathons (Boston Bombing 2013).

Churches (Charleston shooting 2015). 

Theatres (Paris Attacks 2015) 

And elementary schools (Sandy Hook 2012).

Dylann Roof (Charleston shooting)was arrested in Shelby, in South Carolina.The cast and crew of The Hunger Games used Shelby as a base. Much of the Hunger Games was filmed in Shelby.

The shootings at Sandy Hook in Connecticut, Beslan in Russia, Mumbai in India, Utoeya in Norway, Xinjiang in China, Istanbul in Turkey, Ciudad Juarez in Mexico, Liege in Belgium and Toulouse in France, may all be linked.

Before the security services carry out a false flag attack, they carry out a drill.


Above we see a drill in Quebec. (It is not real)

The Quebec Islamic Centre.

The Quebec Islamic Centre which was attacked on 29 January 2017 was equipped with multiple security cameras.

Witnesses recount night of Quebec City shooting ...

"At 8 p.m. the Québec City Islamic Cultural Center on Sainte-Foy Street was holding evening prayers, when three gunmen burst into the building and began shooting."

Three Shooters Attack Québec Mosque

Alexandre Bissonnette.

After a 'false flag' attack, there needs to be a 'patsy'.

The CIA is said to mind control attractive and innocent young kids, use them as sex slaves, and then use them as 'patsies'.

Above we see that the real Dylann Roof (left) appears to have no obvious moles on his face. Above (right) we see what appears to be Dylann's body double, a person with obvious moles? CHARLESTON

The CIA's Operation Gladio operatives are said to carry out the false flag terror operations.


'Dylan Roof' was the 'patsy' in the Charleston Church 'false flag' attack.

Above, we see 'Dylan Roof'. The photo on the right appears to have been photoshopped, having had a 'right-wing' badge added.


Trump says that the Quebec incident justifies his Muslim ban.


Alexandre Bissonnette rented a flat with his twin brother Mathieu, CBC News Montreal reported.

He studied political science and anthropology at Laval University.

He was known to be a competent musician and to be active at the university's chess club.

"He gave the impression of being a very good person," Prof Jean Sevigny told .

In addition to being a student, Alexandre Bissonnette worked in a call centre for Quebec's blood donation agency, Héma-Québec. 

Alexandre Bissonnette (right). The purpose of the fake Bissonnette/Breivik stories is to promote the Nazi-Zionist agenda

On his original Facebook page, Alexandre Bissonnette had large numbers of friends, including some Moslems.

His Facebook page was then interfered with.

Alexandre Bissonnette is now being described as being "the loner student ... who was reportedly a 'Trump supporter who liked Le Pen and mocked Syrian refugees online.'"


However, "Neighbors of the family home in the affluent Quebec suburb of Cap Rouge were stunned to learn Bissonnette, described as a 'typical boy-next-door', was being accused of the shooting."


The real Alexandre Bissonnette is like the real Anders Breivik - a gentle liberal soul.


Bissonnette taken into custody.

The purpose of the fake Bissonnette/Breivik stories is to promote the Nazi-Zionist agenda, by stirring up conflict.

'The Nazi-Zionist' Infowars tells us that the Quebec Mosque Shooting is a Devastating Blow to the Leftist Narrative.

The Deep State plays all sorts of ball games.

Allegedly, Bissonnette fled from the mosque in his Mitsubishi and was arrested in nearby Ile d'Orleans around 20 minutes later after calling 911, Le Soleil reports.

Allegedly, Police found two rifles and an AK-47 in the car.


Students at Alexandre Bissonnette's university, describe Alexandre Bissonnette as being a timid man who didn't seem capable of committing an act of terror.

"He never showed or suggested that political violence or terrorism was something he was capable of."

The purpose of the false flag terrorism is to put into power the supporters of the Nazi-Zionists.

Le Pen is a supporter of Israel.

A Facebook page allegedly belonging to Bissonnette, which has since been taken down, allegedly revealed support for far right-wing ideas, including those of Marine Le Pen.

Other 'likes' allegedly included Israeli Defense Forces, Donald Trump, and outspoken critics of Islam Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens.

Above (left) we see a March 2016 picture of 'Anders Breivik' with a narrow, straight (or concave) nose. He has small ear lobes and relatively small chin. Above (right) we see the original Anders Brevik as a youth, with a convex nose.

The real Breivik has big earlobes and a bulbous nose.

Neighbours describe Alexandre Bissonnette as the 'perfect boy-next-door', who loved his family, sports and would always remember to say hello.

Neighbour Alain Dufour said: "Alexandre is a very nice, friendly young man. He and his brother have been brought up very closely and carefully by his parents. They are all very close."

His wife said: "He is very sweet."

Bissonnette's father Raymond is a retired government employee.


June 1999 - Mathieu Bissonnette, Alexandre Bissonnette and Ray Bissonnette.

Alexandre Bissonnette is the 'patsy' in the Quebec Mosque shooting.

The 'mind-controlled patsy' - Alexandre Bissonnette, a 27-year-old Quebec native.

After the Quebec Mosque shootings, Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir (aka Mohammed Belkhadir), were taken into custody.

Bissonnette, 27, is a native of Quebec, while Khadir, who is in his 20s or 30s, is of Moroccan descent, TVA News reports.

Witnesses said that there were 3 masked gunmen.

Three Shooters Attack Québec Mosque 

But, now the police are saying that Bissonnette is the only suspect, and that Khadir is simply a witness.


A source told Radio-Canada that both Alexandre Bissonnette and Mohamed Khadir are students at Université Laval, a French-language, public college in Quebec City.

Alexandre Bissonnette was arrested "after contacting the police at about 8:10 pm."

Mathieu and Alexandre Bissonnette. The CIA's mind controllers like to use twins. Twins.

Alexandre Bissonnette attended Companions de Cartier High School and Cégep François-Xavier Garneau.

"He was a quiet guy, not at all violent. I never imagined that he could do anything like that", says Marius Valentino, who knows Alexandre Bissonnette and his twin brother.

Alexandre Bissonnette, whose family has military connections.

According to several neighbors, the twins were in the cadets. 

There have been reports that cadets are sometimes mind-controlled and used as sex slaves and then as 'patsies'.


Alexandre Bissonnette's parents live in Cap-Rouge, a wealthy and quiet neighborhood.

Alain Thivierge, who lives across the street from the Bissonnette home, says of the brothers: "I see them almost every day."

He speaks of quiet, calm young men. 

"Their parents are very friendly,"he said.

Alexander, the suspect, never uttered hateful or radical words.

Suspect arrêtés est Alexandre Bissonnette

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard (left)

On 29 January 2017, "three masked gunmen fired on worshipers inside the Quebec City Islamic Cultural Center around 8pm."

CBC / Three Shooters Attack Québec Mosque During Evening Prayers, 5 Killed

At least six people were killed.

Witnesses said the shooters shouted 'Allahu akbar' in what sounded like a Quebecois accent.

Someone left a pig's head on the mosque steps in the summer of 2016.

Hours after Trump signed his Muslim ban, a Texas mosque went up in flames.


The 29 January 2017 attack in Quebec came after days of protests in America over Trump's 'Muslim ban' executive order.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has said that refugees and Muslim immigrants are welcome in Canada.


Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard

What might the government of Quebec know about inside-jobs?

Quebec's Premier Philippe Couillard will lead an economic mission to Israel in the spring of 2017, becoming the first Quebec premier to head an official visit to the country.

Couillard made the announcement "during the annual cocktail for members of the National Assembly held at the legislature by the Quebec branch of the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA), with Federation CJA and the Canadian Jewish Political Affairs Committee, on Nov. 30."

Couillard spoke of the long and important contribution of the Jewish community to Quebec. “Your history is that of Quebec’s, and the history of Quebec is your history.”

Couillard described Israel as "the only democratic state in that troubled region.

"Israel and Quebec have much in common and together we must reinforce the ties that unite us," he said.

Quebec premier to visit Israel.

Is the terror attack in Quebec linked to mind control?

The Allan Memorial Institute  is located in Montreal in Quebec.

The Institute is known for its role in the CIA's Project MKUltra, an initiative to develop drug-induced mind control

MKUltra experimentation was undertaken by its founding director Donald Ewen Cameron.


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Jeremy Corbyn of MI5? Mirror

UK Member of Parliament KEITH VAZ is being protected by Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the UK's Labour Party?

Natalie Rowe tweets:

"Disgraced KeithVaz has joined the UK Parliament's Justice Committee

"No Labour MP opposed it.

"He must have dirt on a few? "

dailymail - No wonder he's called Mr Vazeline

Above, we see Labour Members of Parliament Keith Vaz, Jeremy Corbyn, Diane Abbott and Bernie Grant at the Labour Party conference.

Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer, who has been linked to child abuse rings.

The mysterious Jeremy Corbyn hopes to be the next Prime Minister of the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn's parents were David Benjamin Corbyn (aka Corben) and Naomi Loveday Josling.

David Corbyn and Joslin both took part in the 1936 Battle of Cable Street, when Jews and other London East Enders prevented Oswald Mosley's Blackshirts marching through the area. 

During World War II, David was employed by the security services on a top secret scientific project in Wiltshire.

At that time, Victor Rothschild headed the scientific projects for the security services.

At one time David Corbyn and his family lived in a seven-bedroom manor house on the Duke of Sutherland's estate outside Newport.

How underachieving Jeremy Corbyn surprised everyone.

UK Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn (above) believes in the following:

1. Osama bin Laden was shot dead in Abbottabad.

2. ISIS is not run by the Western security services.

Corbyn at school.

We should remember that many Labour MPs have reportedly been agents of MI5 and MI6.

Think of Robert Maxwell, Tom Driberg, George Wigg, Tony Blair ...

Shayler: 'Blair was an MI5 agent'..

"Politicians including Donald Dewar, John Smith, Gordon BrownGeorge FoulkesGeorge Robertson and Robin Cook have been linked to organisations sponsored and endorsed by MI6 and the CIA."

Peter Mandelson was involved with the CIA/MI6-financed Socialist International youth wing and the Labour Party.

Spies in politics

"When John Smith became leader of the Labour Party he was a member of the steering committee of the Bilderberg Group: the steering committee, the inner core. He got Gordon Brown invited to the 1991 meeting...

"Who was John Smith? Genial, whiskey-drinking Scots lawyer from the traditional Labour right. But also life-long chums with a senior MI6 officer, now Baroness Ramsay.

"Lady Smith, his widow, is now on the board of an MI6 front company."

Spies in politics

Chabad-Islington Rabbi Mendy Korer (left) and MP Jeremy Corbyn (right).

In 1992, Corbyn was given clear information about child abuse rings operating in his borough but he reportedly took no action.

This could suggest that Corbyn is not what he seems; and is not to be trusted.

Jeremy Corbyn was educated at Adams' Grammar School, which has strong links to the military.

In 1992, social workers gave Jeremy Corbyn information about the organised child abuse in his Islington constituency, in London.

Employees of Islington Council came to Corby's constituency office with reports of child sexual abuse, and child trafficking, both linked to Islington Council's children's homes.

In 1985, 14-year-old Jason Swift was killed by a child-abuse gang. Jason is believed to have lived in Islington council's Conewood Street children's home. A close male relative of Baby P reportedly recruited boys from children's homes in Islington for the child-abuse ring. Islington children were reportedly sent to Jersey, the island linked to child abuse.

The social workers also reported to Corbyn on a child brothel called 'The Hot House'.

The social workers also reported that Islington children were being trafficked abroad and that some had apparently been murdered.

Liz Davies

Liz Davies, one of the five social workers who acted as whistleblowers, says: "We had been seeing so, so many 12 to 15-year-olds who were being sexually exploited that we could hardly believe it...

"We discovered that they were being driven around the country in vans.

"I'd personally identified at least 61 potential abuse victims in our small patch of Islington."

Liz davies says: "We were in his office for more than an hour. We shared all of our concerns, including our fears that local children had been murdered by abusers."

Corbyn said he would talk to Virginia Bottomley, the Health Secretary.


Demetrious Panton (above), a survivor of abuse, told Corbyn in August 1992 that "very bad things had happened" to him when he'd been living at an Islington care home several years earlier.

Liz Davies and a colleague informed Margaret Hodge (Margaret Oppenheimer), the then leader of Islington Council, about the child sexual abuse.

Hodge ignored their concerns.

Hodge later became one of Tony Blair's government ministers.

Blair lived in Islington.


In Islington, child abuse rings were operating within all 12 of the borough's children’s homes.

The Labour-run council employed known paedophiles, shredded key documents and dismissed media reports of the child abuse as 'gutter journalism'.

The Labour-run council sacked whistleblowers.

Liz Davies and other whistleblowers received death threats.

Almost 30 council employees accused of child sex crimes were allowed to take early retirement.

They were not subjected to formal investigations or referred to the police.


Jeremy Corbyn and Gerry Adams. What do they have in common? 

Liz Davies and her colleagues expected Corbyn to take action.

Corbyn never wrote to Davies, or telephoned, to acknowledge their meeting.

Corbyn never thanked her for blowing the whistle.

"After that meeting, we never heard another thing," says Davies. "There was no letter. No phone call. I never, ever saw him speak about it.

"In fact, whenever I saw Jeremy afterwards ... I’d always go up to him and say: 'This scandal is still going on, Jeremy.' He'd be very polite, but he never seemed to do anything."

23 years later, Liz Davies has yet to see Corbyn criticise the local politicians, council workers and political allies who allowed the child abuse to happen.


Corbyn, second from right.

Labour MP John Mann published an open letter accusing Corbyn of 'doing nothing' to prevent the abuse.

Mann wrote: "Your inaction in the 1980s and 1990s says a lot."

In 1986, Corbyn attacked the Conservative MP Geoffrey Dickens for drawing public attention to 'a child brothel on Islington's Elthorne housing estate'.

According to Corbyn's supporters: "Jeremy Corbyn called for an independent inquiry into child abuse in Islington at the time, and has taken this strong line ever since."

Did Corbyn call for an inquiry into the Islington scandal in the early Nineties?

Did he take a strong line over reports of child abuse in his borough?

Liz Davies can't remember Corbyn calling for an independent inquiry.

The Mail has been unable to find newspaper cuttings, recorded public statements, or extracts from Hansard, in which Corbyn calls for an independent inquiry.

A spokesman for Corbyn has been unable to identify when or where or when Corbyn might have made such a call for an inquiry, or where a record of it might now be.


Does MI5 recruit at Adams Grammar School?

Eileen Fairweather was the journalist who, in October 1992, first broke news of the Islington scandal.

She also held a meeting with Corbyn at the time, and provided detailed evidence of the child abuse.

She says that Corbyn never wrote, or called, after the meeting, to thank her.

She says Corbyn took no action.

In August 1992, Demetrious Panton, a survivor of abuse, spoke to Corbyn.

Panton says that Corbyn has been silent on the scandal.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.

Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer. 

Derek Sawyer is Jeremy Corbyn’s Former Constituency Agent..

The Mail on Sunday (The paedophile and the law chief.) told us about:

1) Derek Slade, who, on 6 September 2010, got a 21 year jail sentence for abusing 12 boys, aged eight to 13, between 1978 and 1983. 

The abuse took place at a 'military' boarding school in Suffolk.

2) Derek Sawyer, who reportedly helped Slade set up a false identity, after Slade had received an earlier conviction for child abuse in the 1980s.

Derek Sawyer is former leader of Islington ­Council and is Corbyn's former Constituency Agent.

Derek Sawyer (Mail on Sunday -The paedophile and and law chief: It took 32 years to bring pervert headmaster ... )

Sawyer and Slade set up International British ­Educational Projects.

This allowed Slade, using a false passport, to work with children in India and Africa under the pseudonym Dr Edward Marsh.

Sawyer was leader of Islington Council in 1992.