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Julian Cadman was reported as missing after the attack in Barcelona, on 17 August 2017.

On 19 August 2017, the media reported that Julian Cadman was not in a mortuary but was alive and well in a hospital.

Then they changed the script.

Harry Athwal (left)

On 17 August 2017, Harry Athwal, from Birmingham, was holidaying in Barcelona.

Ignoring police warnings to clear the area, Harry went to the assistance of the the young boy shown above.


Harry told the Mirror: 'He was unconscious, his leg was bent the wrong way, there was blood coming out of his head, I knew it was more than blood.'

H. Athwal (left); Harry Athwal in Barcelona (right)

There is an H. Athwal linked to a murdered man.

Harry Athwal in Barcelona (above) looks like H Athwal?

Julian Cadman

Julian Cadman "was a pupil at St Bernadette's Primary in Lalor Park in Sydney."

A teacher was jailed for child abuse at the school.

Dad of British boy, 7.

Above, we see Julian's father, Andrew Cadman, accompanying a young lady.

Above we see Mark O'Connor on Andrew Cadman's Facebook page. 

The Cadmans have police and military connections.

A worried looking Julian Cadman and his mum, Jom.

The Kosher Nostra terrorists are reputed to be involved in running child abuse rings.

Above we see a photo taken after the attack in Barcelona.

Sky News reported that the attackers, including the driver of the white van, were entrenched in a restaurant.

Why did the police not apprehend the attackers in the restaurant?


In the town of Cambrils, near Barcelona, the police shot dead five drugged 'patsies'.

Cambrils would appear to be a base for the CIA and its friends.

Mohammed Atta visited Cambrils, in July 2001.

9/11 pilot met al Qaeda plotter in Cambrils

The Mohamed Atta in the USA spoke Hebrew and liked lap dancers and pork chops.

Mohamed Atta - Welcome to Terrorland. / Atta was working for the US military /


Pupils from London's Jewish JFS school were in Barcelona on 17 August 2017 when the van attack took place.

17-year-old JFS pupil Rebecca Herman says that 'a chance meeting' meant she was not walking on Las Ramblas at the time of the terror attack. 

Rebecca Herman and seven friends were due to dine at the Maccabi kosher restaurant near which the attack began.

She said: "We meant to go but we were delayed. We met an Israeli event promoter on the beach. He kept talking to us so we were running late."

JFS pupils avoided Barcelona attack

Secret history of western false flags.

Rabbi Meir Bar-Hen, Barcelona’s chief rabbi, told Channel 2 news in a telephone interview that he was informed by police that the terror attack was not directed at Jews.

13 killed, dozens wounded in car-ramming terror attack in Barcelona

A Chabad representative told The Jerusalem Post that the Chabad institute is located close to the scene of the attack.

Spain hunts van driver.

On 19 August 2017, it was reported that the Spanish police suspect that Moroccan born Younes Abouyaaqoub, 22, was the driver of the white van that carried out the attack in Barcelona.

However, there is a belief that the Barcelona attack was an Operation Gladio type of attack, carried out by the security services.


There is a belief that the real attackers were allowed to escape into the Barcelona restaurant, the Luna d'Istanbul.

There is a belief that Younes is a 'patsy'.

The leader of the Welsh nationalists believes that 'right-wing' forces may be behind the Barcelona attack.

Barcelona police, after the attack of 17 August 2017.

The police have now dismissed earlier reports of the Barcelona attackers taking hostages in a Turkish restaurant.

It is possible that the police are protecting the attackers?

Police linked to Madrid bombs

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Barcelona attack.

ISIS is reported to be run by the CIA and Mossad?

America created ISIS - Global Research .

'Driss Oukabir Soprano'

Driss Oukabir, whose passport was allegedly found in the white van, handed himself in to the police.

It has emerged that, like most well-known 'patsies', 'he had been under police surveillance'.

A report in the Guardian says that Driss Oukabir was arrested after he went to the police to report that his passport had been stolen.

The Guardian says that Driss Oukabir was not the driver of the van.

Mossad has a history of stealing passports.

Mossad's long history of clandestine operations.

Moussa Oukabir (right) and a friend. 
The authorities were trying to make out that 17-year-old Moussa Oukabir was driving the white van. 
 It is claimed that Moussa Oukabir, 17, was one of five men killed by police after the attack in Cambrils. The Moroccan-born Younes Abouyaaqoub is now named by Spanish media as the suspected driver.

Fake Facebook accounts were set up to discredit Driss Oukabir and his brother Moussa.

The URL of a fake Facebook page contained the name 'Ayman.Arifi' instead of Driss Oukabir Soprano.

The real Driss' Facebook page was shut down.

Driss El Oukabir Soprano Facebook Photos


The police say that in Cambrils, a town south of Barcelona, they killed five alleged attackers at around 1.30am on 18 August 2017.

One of those who witnessed the chaos in Barcelona was Chris Pawley who had also been at Manchester Arena during the recent terror attack there.

Convicted drug dealer . Manchester Arena bomb survivor caught up in Barcelona terror attack

Morocco, where the CIA apparently recruits its 'patsies'.

The CIA warned local police that La Rambla, in Barcelona, could be the scene of a terrorist attack.


On 17 August 2017, a white van, reportedly rented, rammed into pedestrians outside a kosher restaurant on a busy street in Barcelona.

Kosher restaurants suggest Mossad?

At least 13 people were killed in what police described as a terrorist attack.

After the attack in Barcelona.

"The driver went on the run, and two other men ran into a nearby Turkish restaurant, the Luna d'Istanbul, armed with guns, according to local media.

"The two armed men entrenched themselves in the Turkish restaurant in Barcelona's city centre, and took hostages."

After the attack several armed people enter restaurant .

Barcelona white van.

The spooky lawyer and University of Glasgow rector Aamer Anwar was walking La Ramblas when he heard screaming.

Spain is a base for the families of Mossad spies who operate in North Africa and beyond.

Barcelona is a nest of spies.

One Mossad-CIA trademark is leaving a fake passport at the scene of their crime.

The police are said to have found a passport in the white van.

The passport  belongs to a Spanish national with an Arabic name (Driss Oukabir).

Theresa may refused to back Netanyahu on Iran, and she sacked the top Jews from her cabinet.

When the Kosher Nostra fell out with Theresa May, there were false flag attacks in Manchester and London.


The King of Spain and a rabbi.

Spain has a history of false flag terrorism.

The 1977 Atocha massacre, which was a part of neofascist terrorism in Spain, killed five people.

This massacre, linked to the CIA's Operation Gladio, was committed in Atocha Street near the Atocha railway station in Madrid.

Madrid 2004

Madrid Bombs - the work of the security services


Madrid Bombs
Rafa Zuher and Jose Emilio Suarez were involved in the Madrid bomb plot, according to the authorities. Spain's El Mundo newspaper said ...

Police linked to Madrid bombs?
The newspaper had published details suggesting the involvement of the security forces in the Madrid bomb blasts. The police are alleged to ...

Madrid Bombs
Police linked to Madrid bombs?

The police and the Madrid Bombs
According to Múgica, at a Madrid police station "the officers wanted to help the ABC reporters, but when the camera crew came, they didn't ...

Security services organised the Madrid bombs?
A headline in the Times, June 21 2004: 'Madrid Bombers Linked to Spanish Security Service.' "The man accused of supplying the dynamite ...

Morocco - recruiting ground for the CIA and MI5. MI5 had a Moroccan-born agent who 'investigated' the 7/7 London bombers and the Madrid ...

A few hours before the Madrid Bombings, NATO carried out a terrorism exercise in Madrid. (Translate this page) Former Secretary General of ...




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Kirkcudbright Princess 2017

Kirkcudbright Parade 2017

Kirkcudbright Parade 2017


Kirkcudbright Parade 2017

Kirkcudbright Parade 2017

Kirkcudbright Parade 2017

Kirkcudbright Parade 2017

Kirkcudbright Parade 2017

Kirkcudbright Parade 2017

Kirkcudbright Parade 2017

The day of Kirkcudbright Parade 2017




The view from the Harbour Cottage Gallery in Kirkcudbright

McGill Duncan Gallery in Castle Douglas


Friday, 18 August 2017


Gary Cohn, left, with national security adviser H.R. McMaster,

Steve Bannon, Trump's chief strategist, has been fired.

Bannon's rival, Gary Cohn, Trump's chief economic adviser, has defeated Bannon.

Bannon's ouster a big win for Gary Cohn and Wall Street.

Bannon's job was to make Trump popular with the republican voters.

Gary Cohn's job is to help Goldman Sachs, the Rothschilds and their friends?

"Cohn is seen as a strong ally of Mr Trump's daughter Ivanka Trump and son-in-law, Jared Kushner..." 

Cohn is a registered Democrat, according to Politico, and has donated a substantial amount of money to Democratic candidates.

Bannon is a fervent supporter of extreme right-wing Zionism.

"Among some hard-line, right-wing supporters of the Jewish state, Bannon was perceived as a key ally in the Trump administration and his ouster will be considered a political setback."

After Steve Bannon's Dismissal, pro-Israel Hardliners Lose an Ally in the White House

Thursday, 17 August 2017


Six teenagers say that they were physically abused at a military camp at Dundrennan, next to Kirkudbright, in Dumfries and Galloway, in Scotland.

According to legal documents, the 'abuse' of the 17-year-olds includes adult soldiers:

1. Pushing the teenagers' heads under water until they choked.

2. Forcing animal excrement into the mouths of the teenagers.

3.  Repeatedly kicking and punching the teenagers. 

People in the Kircudbright area point to cancer and leukaemia clusters around the Dundrennan range.

(BBC News SCOTLAND Dundrennan: Under friendly fire)

Local people say there have been misfirings on the Dundrennan range.

Some report that "the site is littered with unexploded ordnance; that there has been a strange red dust on the road that borders the base; that a quartermaster died of leukaemia."

There are reports of traces of beryllium, a component of depleted uranium, being found 30 miles away from Dundrennan.

(The village next to the DU test range UK news The Guardian / DEPLETED URANIUM IN THE UK, USA AND ELSEWHERE / NUKED )

Kirkcudbright. Sir Malcolm Ross and a cadet.


Sheldon Adelson and Steve Bannon. STEVE BANNONSteve Bannon's mother's name Herr is both German and Ashkenazy Jewish. Steve Bannon is a Crypto-Jew.

Who planned the trouble in Charlottesville?

Steve Bannon, who is said to be Jewish, is Trump's chief strategist.

"Bannon believes there must be ... a cataclysmic conflict - to bring about the new order he desires."

Steven Bannon: Trump 'puppet master' believes America must be reborn through fire

Charlottesville will be followed by a reign of terror?

Bannon writes: 'the question of what the new order will be up to us.'

Steve Bannon .

Robert Mercer.

Bannon wants to see the triumph of the billionaire Jews?

Robert Mercer is the Jewish billionaire who has been funding Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump's older brother Fred (above) was a member of Sigma Alpha Mu, a Jewish fraternity (above). Donald Trump's brother Fred said that his father, Fred Trump Sr., was the Jewish son of German immigrants.

The Kosher Nostra runs the Alt-Right; and the Left; and the CIA.

Mike Pompeo, boss of the CIA,

In the 2010 general election, Mike Pompeo received $80,000 in donations from KochIndustries and its employees.[17]

Koch also gave money to Pompeo in 2012, 2014 and 2016.

Heather Heyer.

Heather Heyer, a 32-year-old resident of Charlottesville, Virginia, was allegedly run over and killed by James Alex Fields Jr. at the Unite the Right rally, on 12 August 2017.

Sandy Hook funeral of Dylan Hockley.

At the memorial service for Heather Heyer, at Charlottesville's Paramount Theater, Heather's family asked attendees to 'please wear something purple.'

Charlottesville Victim Heather Heyer's Family Asks Mourners to Wear Purple to Memorial

In the CIA's brainwashing programme, use is made of the colour purple.

MKULTRA - Monarch

Heather Heyer may well be a mind-controlled asset of the CIA?

Sandy Hook victim Grace Audrey McDonnell

Grace Audrey McDonnell's Mum Lynn:

"She just had a birthday in November when she turned 7 and ... she said, 'I want a purple cake...'"

Lauren Rousseaux

Sandy Hook substitute teacher, Lauren Rousseau:

"It helped that she still lived in her purple room in the sprawling, warmly decorated Victorian house she was born in ..."

Best video so far!

The Charlottesville attack was a 'false flag' attack.

The leaders of both sides in Charlottesville are working for the CIA and its friends.

BuzzFeed News reporter Blake Montgomery:

"Most white supremacist and Nazi groups arrived armed like a paramilitary force ... They used militarized ... maneuvers ... It seemed that they had practiced for this.”

Hunter Wallace, a far-right blogger at Occidental Dissent:

"Violent antifa (anti-fascists) launched an attack on our group with mace, pepper spray, bricks, sticks and foul liquids. The police stood idly by on the sidelines."

Brennan Gilmore

The man who filmed the car attack in Charlottesville, Brennan Gilmore, 'has links to the CIA'.

The rich elite (Clinton and Trump) are using Operation Gladio tactics (CIA SECRET ARMY) to maintain and solidify the political status quo.


Is Israel trying to pressure certain 'moderates' in Trump's government?

Are Trump and Netanyahu still close friends?

Both Trump and Netanyahu have been reluctant to criticise the 'Nazis' in Charlottesville.

"For three solid days, Netanyahu, Mr. Holocaust himself, who has something to say about just about everything, had nothing whatsoever to say about Nazis in Charlottesville."

Netanyahu: Silence and sidestep on Nazis in Charlottesville ... .

Both Trump and Netayahu rely on a policy of 'Divide and Rule'.

Both Trump and Netanyahu may be secretly happy with events in Charlottesville.

From left, Andrew Anglin, The Daily Stormer; Richard Spencer, The Alternative Right; Jared Taylor, American Renaissance; Matthew Heimbach; David Duke; Milo Yiannopoulos; and Steve Bannon. Most of the above are apparently Jewish. THE RIGHT STUFF.

Richard Spencer organised the rally in Charlottesville.

Richard Spencer heads up the white nationalist National Policy Institute.

Spencer's mother is Sherry Dickenhorst, who is said to have Jewish ancestry.

Richard Spencer is apparently Jewish.

On 12 August 2017, in Charlottesville in the USA, a 2010 Dodge Challenger accelerated into a crowd of people.

There is a suggestion that the attack was organised by the Deep State in order to 'Divide and Rule'.

The man driving the car is alleged to be James Fields.

Above, we see a different James Fields.

Above, we see Mayor Michael Signer, the Jewish mayor of Charlottesville.

A vehicle ploughed into a crowd of protesters after events around UniteTheRight.

Above, we see the car in Charlottesville, in the USA.

A man was later arrested.

The 'patsy' is James Fields.

'James Alex Fields (second from left) was with the Vanguard America folks in #Charlottesville.'

James Fields' mother is Samantha Bloom.

In 2015, James Fields was on active duty status with the US Army.

Samantha Bloom raised James Fields alone as a single mother after his father died.

Samantha is a paraplegic.

As a child, James was a quiet boy with few friends.

James Alex Fields, Jr. : 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know -

Who was driving that car?

'Driver has been arrested.' #Charlottesville

A 4chan user wrote:


The CIA's Operation Gladio is about getting people angry and scared and easy to manipulate.


Undercover Israeli soldiers admitted in 2005 to throwing stones at other Israeli soldiers so they could blame it on Palestinians.

Israeli police were filmed in 2015 dressing up as Arabs and throwing stones, then turning over Palestinian protesters to Israeli soldiers.

The Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks

Quebec police admitted that, in 2007, thugs carrying rocks to a peaceful protest were actually undercover Quebec police officers.

The former Italian Prime Minister, President, and head of Secret Services (Francesco Cossiga) advised the 2008 minister in charge of the police, on how to deal with protests from teachers and students:

"Withdraw the police from streets and universities, infiltrate the movement with provoking agents ready for anything and let them devastate shops, put fire to the cars and put cities to the sword for ten days.

"Then, strengthen by people's support, the sound of the sirens from ambulances will have to overwhelm that from the police and carabinieri [italian military police]. Law enforcement officers should pitilessly beat the shit out of protesters and send them all to the hospital. They should not arrest them since the courts would free them immediately, but they should beat them savagely, and they should beat savagely as well those teachers that incites them: not old professors, just the young school teachers."

An undercover officer admitted that he infiltrated environmental, leftwing and anti-fascist groups in 22 countries. Germany’s federal police chief admitted that – while the undercover officer worked for the German police – he acted illegally during a G8 protest in Germany in 2007 and committed arson by setting fire during a subsequent demonstration in Berlin.

Denver police admitted that uniformed officers deployed in 2008 to an area outside the Democratic National Convention ended up getting into a melee with two undercover policemen. The uniformed officers didn’t know the undercover officers were cops.

At the G20 protests in London in 2009, a British member of parliament saw plain clothes police officers attempting to incite the crowd to violence.

The Ever-Growing List of ADMITTED False Flag Attacks


No way out .